Climbing Stones Plastic for climbing Frame


Item weight
1,45 kg
280 x 360 x 420 mm
Mounting height
2,15 – 2,55 m

Plastic Baby Swing seat are designed for outdoor and indoor use.A great way to play safely combined with physical activity. The seat for the child, is widely used in various designs, or sets of playground equipment, also used separately. The perfect idea for gift.With our elements you create the best children’s playground.


Product Attributes:

  • Seat size 280 x 360 x 420 mm
  • Assembly height 2,05 – 2,55 m
  • Rings and eights – galvanized steel
  • Black Polypropylen welds on the ropes
  • Adjustable length of rope Rope 10 mm, made from polypropylen
  • Unit weight 1,45 kg


Product Characteristics:

  • Resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Safety
  • High material strength
  • You will need an appropriate  allen key to secure the bolts that come with this.



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